Kenneth A. Abe, D.D.S.
Specialist in Periodontics
Microsurgery, Digital Dental Implantology
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Emergency Tele-consult


Please read this in its entirety before starting a remote session

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. As always the health of our patients and community is at the forefront of our concerns.

To minimize the transmission of COVID-19 and for your convenience, we can perform remote evaluations through the internet utilizing our TeleDentistry platform.

**If you have a life threatening problem, call 911 or get to an emergency room. If you have an dental emergency we can address your concerns "virtually" utilizing our "TeleDentist"platform." Here, we can perform a face to face "virtual" consultation to address your dental concerns. You will need a phone with video capabilities or a camera on your computer screen to take full advantage of this service.

These consultations are subject to our usual consultation fee starting at $230.00 for the first hour.  After that minimum, $130.00 will be charged at 1/2 hr. increments or portions thereof. Billing will start once a connection is made and will run until the connection is terminated.

If you wish to take advantage of our TeleDentist consultation, please text a request for an appointment to 650 200-3340. We will set a time for an appointment. To minimize your costs, please complete the following BEFORE the appointment:

1)  PICTURE - If you can, take a close-up picture of the problem area before starting the consultation. That would make it

                     easier to diagnose the problem.

2)  FORMS - Select and download and fill out the two forms below BEFORE your visit.

                 a)  "Tele-Conference Consent Form" Read it and initial the first page at the bottom and

                       sign and date the consent at the bottom of the last page

                 b)  "Medical History Form." Our patients of record do not have to fill this out unless you have

                          NOT updated your medical  history within the last 6 mos.

If you are a patient of record review your form online at Existing Pt.Med.Hx.

Add the following text:  "Request TeleDental Appointment"  to 650 200-3340 to schedule and attach the forms

when I receive your request I will review your forms and get back to you to schedule a "virtual" appointment.

At the date and time of your appointment return here and select the link at the bottom of this page or the welcome page

                 c)   Have a credit card ready to use for payment before we begin the consultation. 

                             By beginning the "Tele-Conference" you are agreeing to pay the full fee as stated in the "**" paragraph

 above and that you understand the limitations of a remote "Tele-Conference."

Click on the link below or copy it to your address field on your browser.

Put todays date as the date of your appointment.



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